International pleas sent:   January 30, 2013   and   November 3, 2014



Devilish British church-pastors, church-priests, church-vicars, and church-leaders in Worcester, United Kingdom






British church leaders across United Kingdom conduct themselves similarly to the devilish British church-pastors, church-priests and church-vicars of London (


In the town of Worcester, UK, none of the devilish British churches wants to help.


The past 1˝ months I have visited churches in Worcester and Birmingham, United Kingdom. In the town Worcester, there is no church that wants to welcome and help. In fact, every church that I have visited in Worcester has sought to obstruct, either actively or passively, my pursuit of seeking an opportunity to meet and communicate with single Christians in my hope of finding a Christian woman to marry.


These are some of the churches in Worcester that have articulated their obstruction and evils:


1.          Anglican All Saints Church in Worcester, UK, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian from all services, activities and events. The archbishops of the Church of England appear to subsequently approve the excommunication:

2.          All Saints Church (Anglican), Worcester UK, excommunicates Torsten:

3.          Woodgreen Evangelical Church in Worcester, UK, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian from their services:

4.          Hope Church (Newfrontiers), Worcester UK, excommunicates Torsten:

5.          St Peters Baptist Church, Worcester UK, conditionally imposes a partial excommunication against Torsten:

6.          Worcester Baptist Church, Worcester UK, does not want to welcome Torsten:

7.          St Paul’s Church (Pentecostal), Worcester UK, excommunicated Torsten:



Baptist Union of Great Britain presents its logic (Because no British church repents or helps, the British Baptist Union has limited enthusiasm to pray further for their repentance or to help.):


In the West Midlands, some of all the devilish churches in Worcester (West Midlands) who previously had excommunicated me covertly (, had become emboldened by satan, and the churches in Worcester thereby at this time had progressed to excommunicating me explicitly. After rejection by churches in Worcester and Birmingham (West Midlands), I then made new attempts to visit some churches in London, UK, that previously had only excommunicated me covertly. It was again confirmed that there is no church anywhere in London which would/can welcome me as a Christian or as a human.


The Church of England (, through passivity and refusal of correctional measures against these satanic Anglican vicars in United Kingdom, by both the Archbishop of Canterbury ( and the Archbishop of York (, demonstrate the Church of England support for excommunications against the innocent Christian.


The Anglican Church of St Peter-ad-Vincula in Tibberton did not communicate directly upon my visit on October 5th 2014:


Considering that not a single church in all of London, UK and none of the contacted churches in the West Midlands of UK allow that I talk with Christian singles, it is likely that no church anywhere in the United Kingdom would allow me to talk with other singles inside churches. It would seem that satan, through the pastors, is in total control of the “Christian” churches in the United Kingdom.


Other unarticulated churches in Worcester UK that passively obstruct are: devilish church leaders of Elim Pentecostal Church (, and devilish church leaders of Woodgreen Evangelical Church (


In summary regarding the hypocritical, false, malevolent, cowardly, dishonest and devilish British church-leaders in Worcester; satan governs also many of these churches through them.


Additionally, yet another devilish church within British Columbia demonstrated the evil nature of many church leaders within BC. None of the churches in Okanagan wanted to helpfully welcome when I previously visited Okanagan ( during a less-than-six-months time period in Canada, prior to the Canadian government handcuffing, incarcerating and deporting me from Canada. (I am fully innocent. Canada invented a nonsensical accusation that I wasusing a loophole in the law” to visit Canada as a tourist.) Now, yet another devilish church in BC Canada, through Promontory Church ( in Chilliwack BC, which neighbours the BC regional district Okanagan, replied through their executive director John Vermeer ( with another untrue accusation “Deliverance from the lying spirit that controls you in the name of Jesus is your best hope.” One persistent source of false accusations and evil is from devilish church leaders.


Please pray that God will find a real Christian church, which not just talks about Christianity but which also practices Christianity, somewhere on earth, and who therefore would want to helpfully welcome me. And please pray that God will find a single Christian woman who will have the courage to communicate with me, somewhere on earth. And, please do pray that all the devilish pastors/priests/vicars/reverends of churches who incessantly accuse falsely and who satanically seek to obstruct God’s goodness and blessings, instead would repent from their evils.