International plea sent:   May 15, 2015 –to – June 16, 2015



Satanic pastors and church leaders of the English-speaking churches in Tokyo, Japan






Satan governs most of the English-speaking churches also in Tokyo, Japan.


In Tokyo, Japan, only a small minority of the churches would welcome. All other English-speaking churches in Tokyo in practice or in effect banned me from their churches.


In Tokyo I sought a church which would welcome Christian singles to talk with each other, but the majority of the satanic Western churches in Tokyo instead deliberately sought to hinder me from talking with other Christian singles. I was hoping to find a Christian woman of God’s choice for marriage in Tokyo, but because of the satanic “Christian” churches, God’s good intention of provision was destroyed. As a general rule: where there are professional pastors of churches governing churches, satan governs.


Pastor-collegial loyalties at the cost of truth and righteousness, unceasing lies by church leaders, nastiness and evil, are patterns of expressions from the pastors of churches everywhere - also in Tokyo. The majority of the English-speaking church leaders in Tokyo, through sins of commission and omission against the excommunicated Christian, persecuted this innocent Christian with further excommunications.


Individually I contacted 23 English-speaking churches in Tokyo, Japan, and visited several of those 23 churches on Sundays. The majority of the English-speaking churches in Tokyo are devilish. Satan controls most of the English-speaking churches in Tokyo through their pastors. 9 of these 23 churches initially invited, which is an extraordinarily large proportion of initial invitees (40% initially invited); as the average among churches of most cities is ~10% initial invitees. The city with the lowest proportion of welcoming churches anywhere is Perth, Australia, with only a 0.3% retained invitation. In Tokyo, 3 of the 9 initial invitees quickly reverted with an excommunication instead. In my assessment, if I had enquired about fellowship also with the Japanese-speaking churches in Tokyo, the initial proportion of inviting churches would have been even greater. The Japanese pastors appeared to not be nearly as hostile as the Western church-pastors are hostile. The Japanese culture is among the most polite in the world, although somewhat introverted.


These are some of the occurrences by satanic pastors of English language churches in Tokyo, Japan, which prevented God’s goodness:


1.      Tokyo Lifehouse (Hillsong) Church in Tokyo, Japan, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian and refused to provide a reason:

2.      Tokyo Hope Church in Tokyo, Japan, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian and refused to provide a reason:

3.      Tokyo Union Church in Tokyo, Japan, covertly excommunicated an innocent Christian, orally declared the innocent Christian as unfit, and refused to provide an explanation or a reason:

4.      Tokyo Baptist Church in Tokyo, Japan, covertly excommunicated an innocent Christian and refused to provide a reason:

5.      Tokyo Grace City Church in Tokyo, Japan, covertly excommunicated an innocent Christian and refused to provide a reason:

6.      Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo, Japan, refused to clarify if the Roman Catholic Church banishment is global or only local for the Archdiocese of Perth, Australia. Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo refused to welcome:



Most churches on earth are hostile and evil towards Torsten – because Torsten is a Christian who is innocent of all excommunications by churches. Churches in general actually are this evil. And church-people lie, slander and defame persons probably more than secular people do. Churchianity is a menace to humanity and society.


Prior to my visit in Tokyo, and during my stay in Tokyo, I had spoken with church leaders and Christians who all advised that street evangelism in Japan is unlawful, dangerous or ineffective. However, reality on the pavement proved that democracy and fundamental human freedoms were respected by the government authorities in Japan. In the world’s most secular nation, Japan, the non-Christian cults such as the Moonies ( and Mormons ( were the visibly missionizing groups on the Tokyo streets. The non-Christian sects such as the Jehova Witnesses ( were apparently actively missionizing by door-knocking. Instead of evangelising, Tokyo’s unhealthy Christian or pseudo-Christian churches are preoccupied with their lying, slandering and persecution of innocent Christians.


Of two small churches in Tokyo which actually welcomed me upon my personal visit to their public meetings, one benevolent small church merits a public mention: