International plea sent:  Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Satanic church-pastors and church-leaders in Melbourne, Australia






Satan governs most of the churches also in Melbourne, Australia.


Melbourne is a great place to live. It’s a pleasant city, and people met on streets in Melbourne are friendly. The only negative side of Melbourne are the churches; evil church-pastors and their hypocritical church-members. Pastordevils, inhumane pastors and hypocritical churchpeople are the only reasons not to live in Melbourne. Satanic evil seems more prevalent from the church leaders of Melbourne than from friendly secular people met on the streets. The friendly non-Christians are comparatively humane, while the church-pastors are scandalously cruel. Friendly Australians in Melbourne need salvation through Jesus Christ, but they certainly do not need to be perverted by the devilish church-hypocrites.


Satan, through the evil and inhumanity of the churches in Melbourne, has hindered God’s intended blessings and goodness also towards me in Melbourne. Satan incited the pastors of Melbourne to hinder God’s goodness and blessings. Because of the church-pastors’ passiveness, but primarily because of the church-pastor’s sins of commission in obstructing and excommunicating me, in spite that I am entirely innocent of any wrongdoing, satan is again victorious -- also in Melbourne.


By email I inquired to all Christian denominations in Melbourne, and to essentially every local church in Melbourne (including all surrounding municipalities) about opportunity to meet and communicate with other Christian singles, but nearly all churches in Melbourne chose to shun my inquiry for Christian fellowship. Approximately 99% of all Melbourne churches refused to reply ( to my inquiry for Christian fellowship, while the remaining churches that replied (except for six churches) obstructed or excommunicated me. After three months of visiting churches in Melbourne every Sunday (usually 3-5 churches each Sunday), the glaring evidence is that most of the churches that I visited chose to oppose, obstruct, reject and excommunicate me. (!)


If we sincerely ask what character of a person could deliberately ignore an innocent person seeking opportunity for Christian friendship, we are required to answer honestly that the character is inhumane. And if we sincerely ask what character of a person could deliberately seek to obstruct and excommunicate an innocent person from seeking opportunities for Christian friendship, we are required to answer honestly that the character is evil. Nearly all pastors in Melbourne ignored my inquiry for opportunity to meet and communicate with other single Christians, and most churches that I visited either deliberately obstructed or excommunicated me. The evidence from all churches in Melbourne necessitates the truthful conclusion that nearly all pastors in Melbourne are inhumane, and that many pastors in Melbourne are satanically evil.


In my experience of pastors and churches from cities across the globe, Melbourne is not the worst. The city where pastors and churches acted in greatest hostility and satanic evil was Jerusalem. However, in similarity to churches in Jerusalem, the most hostile and satanic church in Melbourne was also Messianic. In Melbourne, no church expressed its satanic nature more clearly than the Beit HaMashiac Messianic church (


In spite of the inhumanity and active evils by church-pastors in Melbourne, only six churches welcomed me. So there are a several exceptions to all the devilish church-pastors in Melbourne. However, in none of the public meetings of those churches was I able to find a Christian woman who wanted to communicate individually. Even more appalling than no woman wanting to communicate individually is the fact that no man wanted to communicate individually either. The superficiality, falsehood and pretentiousness of these church-people and their church sub-cultures create problems for honest people who seek authentic relationships. The dishonesty, hypocrisy and nastiness of these church sub-cultures might be appropriately labelled “bullsh*t-christianity”.


My primary objective in Melbourne was to find opportunity to meet and communicate with other Christian singles, so as to develop friendships, and to find a Christian woman to marry. God is always good, and God wanted to bless me here in Melbourne, but the devilish church-pastors consistently obstructed God’s will, and hence I never had a real opportunity anywhere in Melbourne for authentic relationships. In fact, after three months of visiting multiple churches each Sunday, I did not find even just one single Christian woman anywhere who wanted to communicate individually.


Although I interacted with lots of friendly secular people on the streets in Melbourne every week in conjunction with street evangelism, respectfully introducing people to faith in Jesus Christ, there was, however, not one person inside any of the churches in Melbourne who wanted to be a friend. To more than one hundred church-persons who I chatted with inside various churches in Melbourne during the past three months I had offered my contact details, inviting each of those church-persons to contact me. Nevertheless, not even one church-person (who is not a church-leader) in Melbourne contacted me. (Actually, there was one church-person who contacted me; a married pentecostal woman sent an email to me spewing her rude words and errant accusations against my person.) After three months of visiting 3-5 churches each Sunday, and inviting church-persons on Sundays to communicate with me and to meet during the week, it is simply a disgrace that not one church-person wanted to communicate or meet. There was not one Christian in all of Melbourne who wanted to develop friendship.


Applying the alleged Einstein dictum “Simplify as much as possible, but no more.” I would not go beyond truth by stating something exaggerated like “All church-people are brainless a**holes.” or “All church-pastors are malicious hypocrites.” as both statements are obviously false, although many church-people and church-pastors can truthfully be attributed such descriptions.


During the past three months in Melbourne, Australia, these are some of the satanic excommunications, bans and obstructions by devilish church-pastors and “Christians”:


·         Beit HaMashiach Church in Melbourne, part of Chosen People Ministries, excommunicated with this threatening letter:

·         Monologue with the excommunicating Beit HaMashiach Church in Melbourne:

·         One of the largest churches in Australia, Crossway Baptist Church in Melbourne, excommunicated with threats:

·         Hillsong Melbourne church falsely accused and officially excommunicated:

·         Christian Connection Australia” in Melbourne banned innocent Christian from seeking a potential Christian wife on its Australian website business:

·         Satanic alliance of church-leaders in Melbourne excommunicated:

·         CrossCulture Church of Christ in Melbourne covertly excommunicated:

·         Planetshakers in Melbourne covertly excommunicated through absolute refusal of communication:

·         City on a Hill Church in Melbourne covertly excommunicated:

·         Roxburgh Park Church in Melbourne, without a sincere interest of facts, excommunicated because the excommunicated had been excommunicated:

·         Bayside Church in Melbourne obstructed from fellowship:

·         Gateway Church in Melbourne obstructed from fellowship:

·         Australian and international church leaders of River of Life Conference in Melbourne affirm pastoral sin while rejecting the innocently excommunicated:

·         Approximately 99% of churches in Melbourne, Australia refused to respond to Christian inquiry:


Lies, deceptions, distortions, rumours and evil are mainstream from most church-pastors in Melbourne, Australia. Satan certainly governs most churches in Melbourne through their pastors.


The devilish churches in Melbourne are a double tragedy; the proof that the conduct of nearly all church-pastors in Melbourne are diametrically opposing Biblical teachings and are aligning with satanic evil further disgraces credibility of churches, while the consequence of the devilish churches in Melbourne also inflict additional personal misery for my despairing circumstance of ostracism, excommunication and satanically successful obstructions of God’s sanctioned relationships.


As I now depart from Melbourne and Australia, please do pray that God will find a Christian church somewhere on earth that is humane and benevolent; a church that will humanely welcome an excommunicated but innocent Christian and will support Christian fellowship. Please pray that God will find a church on earth where the pastor(s) are not backstabbing devils and are not satanically intent to harm, as was evidenced in Melbourne. And please pray that God will find a Christian marriage-minded single woman somewhere on earth who will want to communicate with me.


By the “Christian” singles-websites I am denied any possibility to connect and communicate with single Christians on internet, and I am by “Christian” churches denied any real possibility to connect and communicate with single Christians inside churches. Relationally, I am banned and obstructed both online and onsite. For Torsten, there is no opportunity to meet and communicate with single Christians, since satan governs many (most) “Christian” ministries and churches especially in the area of relationships. Godly relationships are banned from “Christianity” in many (most) churches.


Still, the satanic British church Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB: in London, UK, together with Alpha International (, and their devilish vicar Nicky Gumbel, still refuse to explain why HTB excommunicated Torsten from fellowship in their churches: