International plea sent:   Sepember 2014



Satanic pastors govern the “Christian” churches in Dublin, Ireland. And the Irish governments disregard international law, disrespect universal human rights, and contravene their own Irish constitution.






Satan governs the churches also in Dublin, Ireland.


In Dublin, Ireland there was no Christian church anywhere that would truly welcome to fellowship. Every “Christian” church in Dublin, in practice or in effect, banned me from church fellowship. None of the satanic pastors of the Irish churches were able to provide a reason for their explicit excommunication against me.


After having contacted all listed protestant churches in Dublin, the churches in Dublin proved that no church could welcome to Christian fellowship. The devilish pastors in Dublin have proven that they, in reality, are hostile towards facts, truth, justice and God. The satanic pastors of churches in Dublin proved that their slandering and lying against Torsten, who is innocently excommunicated by other pastor-devils across the globe, is of utmost importance. Facts and truth are irrelevant to pastors of churches. Slander, gossip and lies is a priority by pastors of most churches – not only in Dublin and Ireland – but also worldwide.


Satan governs the churches in Dublin through most of their pastors. Not a single church anywhere in Dublin truly welcomed a Christian who is absolutely innocent in regards to all excommunications by all churches.


My primary objective in visiting Dublin was to find a Christian woman of God’s choice for marriage by divine appointment.


Islamic leaders consistently lie to promote their religious lie and to advance evil, while most church leaders lie to protect their personal lies and to hide their evil. In reality, truth is irrelevant to most pastors of churches. Lying and manipulating is the majority conduct of pastors of churches.


Factually, 99% of all the protestant churches in Dublin, Ireland, satanically persecuted me with their lies, slander, excommunications, evils and evasion.


I had contacted 85 churches in Dublin, Ireland, to seek occasions for Christian fellowship where also young Christian singles are present. From the individually written emails to 85 churches in Dublin, 12 churches replied. 14% (12 of 85) of all the churches in Dublin which I individually contacted to enquire about occasions for Christian fellowship replied. Statistically, therefore, the churchianity of Dublin is similar to the churchianity of most other cities in the world (~10% reply / ~90% reject). In most cities worldwide where I have visited to enquire to churches about Christian fellowship, the figure is similar - approximately 10% or less of the churches respond. Eight of the twelve replying churches in Dublin explicitly or implicitly expressed that their churches were unlikely to meet expectations due to the size and demographic of their church.



These are some of the satanic occurrences from churches in Dublin, Ireland:


1.      Anglican Immanuel Church in Dublin, Ireland, evicted, explicitly excommunicated, lied, falsely accused and called police against an innocent Christian:

2.      Anglican City Church in Dublin, Ireland, physically hindered, evicted, explicitly excommunicated and called police against an innocent Christian regarded as a public menace:

3.      All Nations Church in Dublin, Ireland, evicted, assaulted and explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian:

4.      Destiny Church in Dublin, Ireland, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian and falsely accused the Christian of mental illness:

5.      St Mark’s Church of “Pentecostalism” in Dublin, Ireland, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian without a given reason:

6.      Dublin Vineyard in Ireland, prompted by slanderous Evangelical Alliance, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian:

7.      Ranelagh Christian Church in Dublin, Ireland, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian, and confirmed that all churches in Dublin has been warned about the Christian:

8.      Urban Junction Ignite Church in Dublin, Ireland, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian:

9.      Mountain View Community Church in Dublin, Ireland, explicitly excommunicated an innocent Christian:



The “Pentecostal” St Marks Church in Dublin, Ireland, initially invited, but later decided to excommunicate. St Marks Church in Dublin and their satanic “Pentecostal” pastor Sean Mullarkey refused to provide any reason for their decision to excommunicate, and St Marks Pentecostal Church pastors decided to cease all future communication with Torsten. As a consequence of the satanic “pentecostalism” of the St Marks Pentecostal Church in Dublin, several other satanic churches in Dublin decided to follow suit; by loyally excommunicating Torsten from their churches too – and refusing to provide a reason - and refusing any future communication – and threatening Torsten with police-assisted eviction if Torsten attempted to visit their church at any public meeting on Sundays.


·         St Mark’s Protestant Church of “Pentecostalism” in Dublin, Ireland, excommunicated an innocent Christian without a given reason:


In Christian churches, the Judeo-Christian Bible is regarded as authoritative to Christian doctrine and Christian practice. In pseudo-Christian churches, the Bible is irrelevant in reality; neither theology nor church praxis conforms to the Bible. If a church purports to be Christian, then the banning of a Christian from its community must follow Biblical precepts of church discipline. Not only the satanic churches in Dublin, but all satanic churches in the world who have excommunicated Torsten have disregarded God’s Word and the Biblical precepts for excommunication.


Examples of Biblical teaching on excommunication:

Matthew 18:15-18   procedure of church discipline against sin

1 Corinthians 5:9-13   church discipline against immorality

Romans 16:17-18   dissociation from rebelliousness contrary to the Bible

2 Thessalonians 3:6   dissociation from disorderliness/idleness

Titus 3:9-11   procedure of church discipline against factiousness


The satanic churches in Dublin, Ireland that have excommunicated Torsten have declined to provide a reason for their excommunications, and have categorically refused all further dialogue. No church in the world has factually pointed to any sin / immorality / rebelliousness / disorderliness / factiousness of which Torsten would be guilty of towards excommunication. The pastors of churches are merely expressing satan’s wrath against the innocent.


Zero protestant churches in Dublin welcomed Torsten as a normal human. I enquired with all Protestant churches in Dublin and with a couple of Catholic ministries (85 churches) about Christian fellowship. 12 churches initially welcomed. 5 of those 12 churches later explicitly excommunicated. 6 of those 12 churches later covertly excommunicated (refused to answer all further communication attempts). The remaining 1 of those 12 churches (a Salvation Army church) finally welcomed with expressed demeaning reservations that visitors must be “respectful to everyone else present and not cause disruption to our meetings”. On Sunday 2014-09-28 at 11:00 I visited that reserved Salvation Army where eleven persons attended – of which no attendant was youngish female and unmarried.


In contrast to the 99% absolute rejection by all the devilish Protestant churches in Dublin (84 of 85 churches rejected fully and 1 of 85 reservedly welcomed), was a Brazilian and Portuguese speaking “Emmanuel Community” of the Roman Catholic Church at St Mary of Angels Church (, which upon my visit welcomed into their separate charismatic teaching. That particular Roman Catholic Brazilian friendliness coupled with their separate teaching about Holy Spirit-filled faith, certainly contrasted the satanic Protestant pastors and their many devilish Protestant churches in Dublin. As a Bible-aligning Christian, I can never endorse all Roman Catholic theology, but the typical Catholic respectfulness of human dignity, kindness and gentleness is generally a stark contrast to the harsh and inhumane attitudes of nearly all Protestant pastors. The true Pentecostal movements within the Roman Catholic church is delightful.


Evangelical Alliance Ireland ( has been pointed out by the Vineyard Church in Dublin ( as a source of slander “In the light of […] correspondence from Evangelical Alliance Ireland […] I am withdrawing the welcome.” The devilish slandering by Evangelical Alliance Ireland appears to be part of their programme titled ‘Church Liaison’ ( Earlier, the Evangelical Alliance of United Kingdom opposed my critique against the British churches’ outsourcing of Christian relationships to their British pro-homosexuality website (


Satan appears to govern nearly all (99%) of the protestant churches in Dublin, Ireland, through their pastors. Through the pastors’ satanic thinking, and particularly through the pastors’ lying, slandering, defaming and excommunicating -- the pastors in Dublin demonstrated their obsession to hinder God’s willingness to bless me with a Christian woman to marry. Satan, through the pastors of churches in Dublin, was intent to hinder God’s goodness and provision of a Godly appointed Christian marriage.


Most churches on earth are hostile and evil towards me – because I am a Christian who is innocent of all excommunications by churches. Churches in general actually are this evil. And church-people lie, slander and defame persons probably more than secular people do. Churchianity is a menace to humanity and society.


Apart from the darkness of the unwelcoming (99%) and satanic protestant churches in Dublin, there appears to be considerable spiritual darkness capturing the minds and souls of also the unchurched inhabitants in Dublin. Actively deceiving people on the streets in Dublin are of course the usual non-Christian cults Jehova Witnesses and Mormons, but the Islamic presence and the widespread intensity of anti-Israel propaganda on the Dublin streets is unmistakable.























The municipal government of Dublin, Ireland (Dublin City Council), which violates internationally recognised human rights by declining the right to freely distribute Christian literature in public, refused to communicate and refused to retract from their unlawful praxis:


Please pray that God will find a real Christian church somewhere on earth that will welcome me to fellowship; a church where the pastors will not be satanically intent on harming the innocently excommunicated, but a church that in reality values Christian fellowship, Christian relationships and Christian marriages. Most importantly, please pray that God will find a single young Christian woman somewhere on earth who is both capable to hear and willing to trust and obey the true voice of the Holy Spirit, and who has the courage to communicate in the natural. I have daily prayed the past 19 years for a woman of God’s choice as His gift to me, and have not sought a church-woman to take by simply my own choosing.


Also, please pray that the decision taken beneath the devilish Obama Administration of United States of America in banning me from visiting USA as a tourist will be reverted, so that I can visit churches in USA. And please pray that the decision taken by the government of Canada in banning me from visiting Canada as a tourist will be reverted, so that I again can visit churches in my homeland.


As usual when God wants to bless – satan, together with pastors of churches, tries to hinder the blessing. Therefore, please pray for protection against the satanic persecution by the “Christian” churches.