International plea sent:   April 1, 2014 –to – May 30, 2014



Satanic pastors and church-leaders of the churches in Brisbane, Australia






Satan governs most of the churches also in Brisbane, Australia.


In Brisbane, Australia, there was no Christian church anywhere that would truly welcome to fellowship. Every church in Brisbane in practice or in effect banned me from church.


Although Brisbane is a city that is climatically warm, relatively friendly, and is an attractive part of the world to live in, the devilish churches of Brisbane unfortunately make Brisbane an impossible city to remain in for a real Christian who is single and marriage-minded.


During three months I explored the church-scape of Brisbane, Australia. To my knowledge, I inquired with every church of all Christian denominations all across Brisbane and beyond, if there might be occasions of fellowship including also with single Christians. Not one church anywhere in Brisbane was able to truly welcome to fellowship. Most churches in Brisbane ignored me, some churches in Brisbane excommunicated me officially, some churches in Brisbane excommunicated me covertly, and a couple of churches initially welcomed in words but refused to welcome in reality. Because no church in Brisbane in reality welcomed me, and because every church which probably has single female Christians within their church excommunicated me, I never had any opportunity to talk with any Christian unmarried woman in Brisbane. After three months of diligently visiting and emailing to the Brisbane churches, I was not given even one occasion to talk with any Christian woman. Satan, through the pastors of the churches in Brisbane, ensured to block any opportunity for me to communicate with a single Christian woman.


In Brisbane I sought a church which would welcome Christian singles to talk with each other, but the satanic churches in Brisbane instead deliberately sought to hinder me from talking with other Christian singles. I was hoping to find a Christian woman of God’s choice for marriage in Brisbane, but because of the satanic “Christian” churches, God’s good intention of provision was destroyed.


During nine months in Australia throughout the past 18 months (3 months in Melbourne, 3 months in Sydney, and 3 months in Brisbane) I have visited churches every weekend, and have also emailed to all churches in those three cities. Demeaningly, the churches ensured that I was never given an opportunity to authentically talk with a Christian woman. The satanic churches have, to the best of their diabolical ability, succeeded in prevention of a Christian marriage.


There was not one single church anywhere in Brisbane, Australia, where I was welcome to fellowship. In reality, I was excommunicated or unwelcome by every church in all of Brisbane. To my knowledge, I contacted every single church in Brisbane, Australia, of every Christian denomination. Similar to most other cities, approximately 90% of all churches also in Brisbane refused to communicate with me. Only a few churches in all of Brisbane replied with an initial welcome, but as I followed-up on those few welcoming church email replies by visiting those churches, reality proved the insincerity of those welcoming replies. Only a couple of churches in Brisbane invited, and the churches that invited have few or no Christian singles/young-adults. Pastor-collegial loyalties at the cost of truth and righteousness, unceasing lies by church leaders, nastiness and evil, are patterns of expressions from the pastors of churches also in Brisbane. The church leaders in Brisbane, through sins of commission and omission against the excommunicated Christian, persecuted the innocent Christian with further excommunications.


All churches also in Brisbane rejected me.



These are some of the occurrences from churches in Brisbane, Australia:


1.       Citipointe Church in Brisbane, Australia, evicted an innocent Christian from the church premises, phoned the police to seek police-assisted eviction, and lied to the police with false accusations against the Christian:

2.       Ann Street Church of Christ in Brisbane, Australia, excommunicated an innocent Christian from all public meetings and threatened the innocent Christian with police assisted eviction from the church property as a trespasser if the innocent Christian ever visits their public meetings:

3.       Lifeplace Church in Brisbane, Australia, banned an innocent Christian from attendance in their public Sunday services, banned from fellowship, falsely accused, and refused to justify pastor Ben Windle’s false accusations:

4.       Cornerstone Christian Centre in Brisbane, Australia, excommunicated by statement that the innocent Christian does not qualify to attendance in any of their public meetings:

5.       Clontarf Beach Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia, by effect excommunicated an absolutely innocent Christian:

6.       St Johns Anglican Cathedral in Brisbane, Australia, seem to open-mindedly affirm all forms of sexuality, and particularly celebrate homosexual couples, but refuse to declare a concise theology on human sexuality:

7.       All staff of Christ Community Church in Brisbane, Australia, refused to welcome and refused to communicate. Through a pseudonym some fellowship was attained.:

8.       Life Point Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia, responded to a pseudonym but refused to welcome the real person:

9.       Beit Gan-Eden Messianic Congregation in Brisbane, Australia, denies Trinitarian theology:

10.    Seventh-Day Adventist churches communicate and welcome, but inadvertently deter from fellowship by a culture of damaging distrust:

11.    Hillsect in Brisbane sent a programmed invite to attendance in their “services”, but expectedly was unable welcome to anything which could resemble Christian fellowship:

12.    Superficial and staged Nexus Church in Brisbane, Australia, evaded real communication:

13.    New Creation Church in Brisbane, Australia, excommunicated through refusal of direct communication, but gossiped enthusiastically:

14.    International City Church in Brisbane, Australia, covertly excommunicated:

15.    Axis Church in Brisbane, Australia, excommunicated with confusion:

16.    ISee Church in Brisbane, Australia, excommunicated with disregard to facts and its refusal to dialogue openly:

17.    Gateway Church in Brisbane, Australia, refused to welcome in reality:

18.    Bridgeman Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia, refused to welcome in reality:

19.    Centrepoint Church in Brisbane, Australia, refused to welcome in reality:



While comfortable churches in Brisbane fail to demonstrate protection of human dignity and protection of innocent human life, one selfless Mr Graham Preston ( confronts the legislative inconsistencies of abortion in Brisbane. If churches valued the dignity of human life, then they too would confront abortion.:


The corrupted Brisbane City Council in Queensland, Australia:


Through an internet search, a Christian woman who had discovered that she was not alone in being banned from the churches’ outsourced relationships and outsourced communications, contacted Torsten:


Satan governs almost every church in Brisbane through the church pastors. Through satanic thinking, the pastors of Brisbane were obsessed to hinder God’s willingness to bless me with a Christian woman to marry. Satan, through the pastors of churches in Brisbane, is intent to hinder God’s goodness and provision of Christian marriages.


Satan has a strong grip over the churches also in Brisbane, Australia, through the church pastors. Similar to most churches anywhere, most churches who I had contacted individually also in Brisbane refuse to communicate. A few churches, however, replied and welcomed. The pattern of most church pastors is clear; pastors of small churches and ageing churches with very few younger adults are more prone to reply and to welcome, while pastors of larger churches and churches that seem to have a younger demographic normally refuse to welcome, or they simply excommunicate overtly. If there is potential towards marriage, satan through the pastors will ensure that no Godly marriage can occur. Satan is, in deed, through many pastors of churches also in Brisbane, successful in destroying God’s preparedness to provide. The church pastors’ vilification of Torsten continue.


Most churches on earth are hostile and evil towards me – because I am a Christian who is innocent of all excommunications by churches. Churches in general actually are this evil. And church-people lie, slander and defame persons probably more than secular people do. Churchianity is a menace to humanity and society.


Please pray that God will find a real Christian church somewhere on earth that will welcome me to fellowship; a church where the pastors will not be satanically intent on harming the innocently excommunicated, but a church that in reality values Christian fellowship, Christian relationships and Christian marriages. Most importantly, please pray that God will find a single young Christian woman somewhere on earth who is both capable to hear and willing to trust and obey the true voice of the Holy Spirit, and who has the courage to communicate in the natural. I have daily prayed the past 19 years for a woman of God’s choice as His gift to me, and have not sought a church-woman to take by simply my own choosing.


Also, please pray that the decision taken under the devilish Hussein Obama Administration of United States of America in banning me from visiting USA as a tourist will be reverted, so that I can visit churches also in USA. And please pray that the decision taken by the government of Canada in banning me from visiting Canada as a tourist will be reverted, so that I again can visit churches my homeland.