International plea sent:  Feb 15, 2014 – Mar 1, 2014 – Mar 15, 2014



Satanic pastors of churches and church-leaders in Auckland, New Zealand






Satan governs most of the churches also in Auckland, New Zealand.


In Auckland, New Zealand, there was no Christian church anywhere that would truly welcome me to fellowship. Every church in Auckland, New Zealand, in practice or in effect banned me.


Auckland is certainly a city of great contrasts; between ordinary people and ordinary churches. On the one hand, Auckland is a pleasant city because of the exceptional friendliness of the people. From more than 10 000 interactions with people on the streets through personal evangelism, I especially enjoyed and respect the sweet friendliness and humbleness of the Maoris and the Pacific Islanders in Auckland. On the other hand, the contrasting nastiness of many church-people and the devilishness of most pastors in Auckland is reprehensible. The satanic conduct of the church leaders in Auckland is appalling. I therefore hope that the comparatively friendly secular people in Auckland will never become like the nasty church-people, but that the secular people will accept Jesus Christ in spite of the exceeding evils, lies, bullsh*t and hypocrisy of the pastors of churches.


From the more than 10 000 persons in Auckland who I have personally interacted with in conjunction with street evangelism, it is clear that Aucklanders are an exceptionally friendly bunch. I love the people here in Auckland. It’s a pity, on the other hand, that the church-people are not as friendly as the secular people, and it’s a disgrace that the pastors in Auckland are such devils.


I have inquired about opportunity for Christian fellowship with most churches individually all across greater Auckland. Similar to most churches of other cities, also most churches in Auckland ignored to reply and would not welcome me. From my individual inquiries to 57 different churches across Auckland, 17 churches replied. Most of these 17 responding churches acknowledged that they were small or aged congregations. The proportion of replying churches in Auckland (17/57=30%) is on average more than three times greater than the proportion of replying churches in most other cities (≤10%) which I have contacted previously around the world. And the people that I interact with during street evangelism in central Auckland are exceptionally friendly and receptive, compared with cities of similar size in other countries. There seems to be a rural-style friendliness, student-inquisitiveness and openness among the Aucklanders which I highly value. However, Auckland does not seem to differ from other cities in the world in regards to the secular-sinners on the streets normally being more honest and friendly than the church-sinners inside churches.



Some of the churches in Auckland, New Zealand, that excommunicated, banned, lied, slandered, gossiped, bullied, stalked, discriminated and persecuted Torsten are:


1.          Baptist Tabernacle in Auckland, New Zealand, evicted and excommunicated an innocent Christian from the church property with a concealed threat by their satanic Baptist pastors:

2.          Elim Christian Centre in Auckland, New Zealand, excommunicated and evicted an innocent Christian from the church premises, and their satanic pastor Mike Griffiths called the police against the Christian:

3.          City Presbyterian Church in Auckland, New Zealand, evicted an innocent Christian from the sidewalk adjacent to the church, and their satanic pastor Travis Scott called the police against the Christian:

4.          Windsor Park Baptist Church in Auckland, New Zealand, excommunicated and evicted an innocent Christian from the church premises, and their satanic pastor Grant Harris called the police against the Christian:

5.          St Pauls Anglican Church in Auckland, New Zealand, interfered, stalked, discriminated, banned, and demeaningly imposed an obligatory “report-your-presence” duty as the condition for visiting their public Sunday meetings – in order to keep people safe from Torsten:

6.          The ‘New Zealand Christian Network’, which is a New Zealand national network of church pastors, satanically persecuted an absolutely innocent Christian with lies and false accusations in a manner which might be a criminal offence of defamation and cyber bullying/stalking in contravention of New Zealand law:

7.          Hostile congregants of Papatoetoe Seventh-day Adventist Church in Auckland, New Zealand, evicted an absolutely innocent Christian from church fellowship, and lied about the innocent Christian to a public restaurant manager who subsequently evicted the innocent Christian from the public restaurant; which might also be a criminal offence of discrimination:

8.          Life Church in Auckland, New Zealand, through their satanic pastor Paul Bohane; lied, lied, lied, and excommunicated:

9.          City Impact Church in Auckland, New Zealand, rejected and excommunicated an innocent Christian with pastoral derisiveness:

10.     Equippers Church in Auckland, New Zealand, excommunicated by evasion:

11.     Destiny Church in Auckland, New Zealand, excommunicated by evasion:

12.     Liberty Christian Church in Auckland, New Zealand, excommunicated by evasion:

13.     Churches in Auckland, New Zealand, outsource relationships and community to non-Christian websites, but the devilish “Auckland Christians” mimic their satanic church-pastors in Auckland and therefore excommunicated the innocent Christian:



Sunday, February 23, 2014 (Swedish Name Day = Torsten), was a typical Sunday but also an unusual Sunday. Normally on Sundays, not more than one hostile church excommunicates me without a valid reason. On Sunday Feb. 23, however, not less than three satanic pastors excommunicated me from their respective church, and all three churches called the police to request my removal.


On Feb.23 the hostile pentecostal church Elim Christian Centre ( in Auckland evicted me from the church premises and called the police. Their satanic pastor Mike Griffiths falsely accused me of targeting females, abnormal behaviour, attacking them, attacking the church, and antagonism. Their pastor inadvertently admitted on record that other church ministers are slandering, gossiping and lying about me.


On Feb.23 the hostile presbyterian church City Presbyterian Church ( in Auckland evicted me from the public sidewalk outside their church and called the police. Their satanic pastor Travis Scott falsely accused, as a matter of fact, that I am a wolf, a false teacher, and that I stir up trouble everywhere. Their pastor indicated on record that a network of church pastors in Auckland conspire against me.


On Feb.23 the hostile baptist church Windsor Park Baptist Church ( in Auckland evicted me from the church premises and called the police. Their satanic pastor Grant Harris falsely accused me of dishonourable motives and promiscuity. Their pastor indicated on record that the Baptist Tabernacle ( is a source of collusion against me.


In my striving to portray reality truthfully, with nuance and balance, I include these four anectdotes from Auckland, New Zealand: (1) On Sunday morning Feb.23, I also entered Auckland Methodist Central Parish (, where I asked the leader if I was welcome to attend as an excommunicated Christian. The leader welcomed. During “service” while I was sitting on the last bench, the leader boasted from the platform that he and his Methodist church had proudly participated in the Auckland Gay Pride Parade the day before by marching with a banner affirming homosexuality; holding up the banner to the congregation. Since I cannot support churches that affirm and promote sin, I quietly slipped out the door and voluntarily departed with immediate effect. But at least the Methodist church did not discriminate against innocent Christians as the other churches in Auckland do. (2) On Sunday evening Feb.23, I also visited a Salvation Army meeting (, where these elderly people were very friendly. I did overhear an officer say “The [Baptist] Tabernacle has got it all wrong.” and another officer say directly to me “You are always welcome here.” However, Auckland City Salvation Army ( with their administrator Nicola Dobbie refused further communication, and I was never invited - indicating divergent opinions about Torsten within Salvation Army. (3) Also, the past three weeks I visited two Seventh-Day Adventist churches in Auckland which were welcoming and friendly, but both churches refused to invite me to mid-week fellowship. (4) Also, the very first congregation I visited in Auckland, on Sat. Feb.1, was Messianic (, where the guest speaker spoke in tones of anger, with belittling attitudes of people, a derogative view of marriage, and elevating his personal importance: “The Spirit of God is upon me … I have a lot to do with it … please choose me to be the Prime Minister of Israel … don’t send us women seeking a husband, don’t send us men seeking a wife, we want people who are single-minded.” The Messianic congregation welcomed me to eat lunch together with them, but I abstained from their courteous offer.


There certainly is a Biblical form of excommunication; in instances of unrepentant sin, where the sinner refuses to accept to turn from sin. In reality, however, church-pastors excommunicate the real Christians who are innocent in regards to excommunication, but welcome and promote those persons who should be excommunicated. Pastors normally ban honest persons from their congregations, but select dishonest persons to lead their churches; which only further enhances their church sub-cultures of bullsh*t. Most leaders of churches are untruthful, and repel truth.


Each excommunication of Torsten by a church is a unique incident, although it is abundantly clear through evidence of admission by many pastors, that all of Torsten’s excommunications are related to each other. Pastors excommunicate Torsten in pastor-collegial loyalty with each other. Torsten’s starting point in relation to any local church always begins with an individually directed short email where Torsten inquires to the church about occasion for Christian fellowship which would include social opportunities among single Christians. Torsten rarely visits a church unannounced. The starting point for most churches in relation to Torsten, however, seems to begin with either: 1) a pastor’s internet search of Torsten’s name, or 2) gossip/slander from other pastors, or 3) instruction by other pastors to “look out” and “watch out” and evict/excommunicate Torsten if they see him. Because Torsten was excommunicated by a Pentecostal church 12 years ago (although Torsten was absolutely innocent!), other churches have blindly and loyally followed suit since then. And now, because I am excommunicated by most churches worldwide, essentially every church immediately excommunicates Torsten with hostility and imaginary accusations, and call the police if they see Torsten.


Pastors unceasingly obstruct my possibility for Christian marriage. A Christian marriage of mutual interest can never occur; without the woman and the man communicating with each other. Without communication, no relationship can develop. Because I am honest and declare that I hope to marry a Christian woman, almost all church-pastors excommunicate me, ban me from fellowship, or obsessively obstruct/interfere into conversations inside churches to prevent relationship. Church-pastors act in harmony with satan in such deliberately obstructive conduct; either out of ignorance/stupidity or from malice/evil.


When I visit any Christian church I always come peacefully, but nearly always the churches that claim to be Christian attack Torsten with hostility, brutality or manifest suspicion; and subsequently, most churches discriminate, harass, target, stalk, threaten, evict, excommunicate, slander and persecute Torsten.


A professional similarity between many politicians of political parties and most pastors of churches, is their notoriety for dishonesty. For many politicians, their political party affiliation and their personal re-electability, is more important than truth. Likewise for most pastors of churches, public perception of their local church, collegial loyalties and personal power/control are much more important than truth. Most pastors will lie, deny and hide truth for the sake of public perception, collegial acceptance and personal power/control. Because most pastors are such notorious liars and unchristian control-freaks, I would actually advise all people who intend to converse with a pastor to record their conversation for their own safety. And of course, in denominations where marriage is restricted against their own clergy; for safety - never leave minors unattended with a priest!


Ants demonstrate more compassion than pastors of churches. On Friday morning, March 14 2014, I was sitting at a garden table in a sunny backyard with my laptop and a cup of morning coffee. When I had finished the coffee, local ants were quickly attracted to exploring the remains inside my coffee cup on the garden table. As usual with ants, they are excellent communicators, and the message had spread among the ants that there was something of interest inside this white coffee cup on the garden table. Impressed by their speed of detection and by their number, I took a break from my laptop work to observe them. The ants demonstrated for me three identical acts of compassion. At least three ants had somehow managed to get themselves stuck in the drying coffee with milk inside the cup. The ants first investigated their stuck comrades, and then tirelessly and selflessly worked at pulling their stuck comrades out from their stuck positions in the cup. They managed to rescue two of their three stuck comrades into safety. The ants exhibited compassion towards each other. And by evidence, the ants demonstrated more compassion towards their own than church-pastors do toward innocent Christians. Although possibly in common, neither ants nor church-pastors would appear to feel empathy, however, ants and church-pastors differ in their response to struggling members of their own species. By God’s design, these ants are triggered to rescue other ants. By satan’s design, these church-pastors are prompted to ignore, excommunicate and persecute innocent Christians.


The Holy Spirit often speaks to me; revealing information and providing His direction. But satan is also continually busy through the pastors of many churches; destroying God’s good plans for me.


Please pray that God will find a real Christian church somewhere on earth that will welcome real Christians to fellowship; a church where the pastor will not be devilishly intent on harming the innocently excommunicated, but a church that in reality values Christian fellowship, Christian relationships and Christian marriages. And most importantly, please pray that God will find a single young Christian woman on earth who is both capable to hear and willing to trust and obey the true voice of the Holy Spirit.