First international plea sent:   August 30, 2012



Devilish British church-pastors, church-priests, church-vicars, and church-leaders in London, United Kingdom






The past four months here in London, United Kingdom, I have inquired with nearly all the churches within London if there are opportunities to meet and communicate with other Christian singles. No church in London expressed explicit support. In spite of unsupportive attitudes from churches in London, I have diligently explored church services in many different churches every Sunday (between 4 to 7 visits each Sunday).


No church anywhere in London has a Singles Ministry. The main British internet-Christian singles website ( excommunicated me for declaration of politically incorrect but Biblically correct views in sexual ethics. No church anywhere in London supported my search for a Christian woman to marry. Most churches in London either excommunicated me entirely or partially excommunicated me, either consistently refused any communication with me or eventually terminated communication with me, slandered against me, or shunned me. Many church leaders in London evidently acted satanically against me in their deliberate obstruction of Godís good intention. God wanted to bless, but the pastors, priests, vicars and leaders of most churches in London chose to obstruct and destroy Ė in alignment with promptings from satan.


Satan used church leaders in London to obstruct opportunities and to block possibilities for me to meet and communicate with single Christian females in London. God wanted to bless me while I was visiting here in London, but the church leaders in London wanted to excommunicate, to harm, and to destroy. God is good, but the London church-leaders have manifested their evil.


Some ungodly characteristics of Londonís church-pastors, church-priests, church-vicars and church-leaders are cowardliness, political correctness, heretical ethics, hypocrisy, dishonesty and malice. Some sinful characteristics of Londonís church-people are falsehood, superficiality and slander. The London church-peoplesí public beer-drinking in pubs is not necessarily sinful, but might be a less wise cultural expression, and is internationally controversial. In perspective of these characteristics, ďchurchĒ in London misrepresents Christ Jesus, in words and deeds.


This is a summary of some of the evils committed by ďchurchĒ in London the past four months:


          Christian Connection UK:

          Christian Distinctives UK:

          Christ Church London:

          All Souls Church Langham Place:

          Equippers Church London:

          Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB):

          St Helenís Bishopsgate Church:

          Kensington Temple City Church:

          Hillsong London church:

          Holy Trinity Swiss Cottage Church:

          City Gates Church:

          Evangelical Alliance of United Kingdom:

          The Christian Institute of United Kingdom:

          Londonís ungodly church-singlesí beer-worshipping ministry:


        Emmanuel Evangelical Church in London, UK, covertly excommunicated an innocent Christian:


On Sunday 2014-10-26 at Westminster Chapel in London, UK, which previously covertly excommunicated Torsten (, a church-member who appeared intent to distract other communications, inquired with me if I were evangelising inside Londonís clubs. I informed the church-member that I evangelise only to people on public streets Ė not inside clubs. I have never visited clubs in London. But the question by the church-member is a reminding indication of the deep moral confusion, the promiscuity and the grave hypocrisy of many church-people. I am not, and will never want to be, like these church-people. I am a Christian.


The past two weeks (2014) I revisited some of the devilish churches in London, United Kingdom ( From my previously thorough enquiry with nearly all churches in London, it is known that no church in London allows me any real opportunity to communicate with Christian persons of the opposite gender. Also on this visit to London, it was again apparent that some of the devilish church-leaders in London are steadily hostile against me. Because I have pleaded for help to find opportunity to communicate with other single Christians, many of the satanic churches in London instead do the opposite by seeking to prevent me from a Godly marriage. I am certain that God wanted to bless me, but satan through some of the devilish churches in London won this visit also. Satan is victorious through the London churches who oppose Godís blessing for me.


Until I am in the grave, I do need to share life with a woman of Godís choice in marriage. Satan seems to know that he is winning a battle by placing the pastors of churches in opposition to Godís good will for me to marry.


Satan, through the pastors of churches, prevents me from Godís blessing of marital love.


               Anglican Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB) in London, United Kingdom, continued to demonstrate passive hostility and refused to communicate:

               Westminister Chapel in London, United Kingdom, covertly excommunicated an innocently excommunicated Christian by refusal to invite and by refusal to communicate:


I also visited the beer-worshipping Kingís Cross Church ( in London, where one of the leaders interrupted my conversation with another person, in a manner which suspiciously resembled a deliberate attempt to hinder relationship.


I visited also St Marys Church ( where a new pastor actually appeared benevolent towards me; but unfortunately I cannot relate comfortably to that churchís pub-cultured and public drinking clientele.


Although I did discover 2012 a Christian single girl who moved away from London, but who wanted to communicate and spend some time together (confessedly included mutually sought boundary-overstepping close hugs), there was no conviction of development beyond a good friendship.


Please pray that God would find a practicing Christian church somewhere on earth; a supportive church that will not be intent on destruction and obstruction of Godís blessings and goodness. And, please pray that God would find a marriage-minded and never-previously-married Christian woman somewhere on earth; a woman of Godís selection, who wants to communicate, and who loves Jesus Christ more than she loves anyone else.