Recent Swedishness incidents:

        The Government of satanic Sweden, satanic Sweden’s Police, satanic Sweden’s Security Police, and satanic Sweden’s government agencies lie notoriously. Anti-Christian Sweden’s Police have continually lied against Torsten in the past, and have deliberately invented lies against innocent Torsten also in their recent Police reports. The Chancellor of Justice recently provided evidence ( to Torsten of the Swedish Polices’ intentional false reports against Torsten, upon which Torsten’s objective evidence ( convicts the Swedish Police as guilty of fabrication of lies against Torsten. Torsten’s audio-recordings are indisputable proofs that Sweden’s Police intentionally targets Torsten with lies. ( Recently, satanic Sweden’s Chief of Police officially expressed ( the Swedish Police’s discrimination and harassment against Christianity and against Christians. Therefore, Torsten recently reported the Swedish Police, to the Swedish Police, for its criminal discrimination and harassment against Christians (

        On July 24, 2017, Swedish Police questioned Torsten during one hour at satanic Sweden’s Police Headquarters in Stockholm. Satanic Sweden’s Police (, satanic Sweden’s public prosecutors ( with internal communications with satanic Sweden’s Ministry of Justice (, have investigated Torsten for almost one year for hate speech crime. On September 12, 2016, Torsten publicly read verses from the Bible and accurately summarised those Bible verses, which satanic Sweden object against. Neither satanic Sweden’s prosecution authority, nor satanic Sweden’s police, can intellectually differentiate between the practice of homosexual acts and same-gender attraction. Additionally, neither satanic Sweden’s police nor satanic Sweden’s prosecutors, are capable to comprehend the difference between a person and an action. Torsten’s public speech stated that “The practice of homosexuality is…”, while the Swedish Police and Swedish Prosecutor incorrectly alleged against Torsten, that Torsten would have stated “Homosexuality is…”. After Torsten had explained to the Swedish Police investigator the difference between same-gender attraction and homosexual practice, Torsten asked the police investigator on July 24, 2017, a series of questions “Do you think the prosecutor can understand that there exists a difference between same-gender attraction and the practice of homosexuality? Do you understand that there is a difference between a deed and a person? For the Police, there is no difference between sexual orientation and sexual practice?” upon which the Swedish Police investigator replied “No, we do not see any difference.” The entire Police questioning was recorded, and an mp3-copy is available for download through this link: (File name: Criminal-Investigation-Officer_Shari-Tingman_170724.mp3). The hate speech in writing ( and the original hate speech in online audio (

        Satanic Sweden confirms that public reading of the Bible is a hate speech crime, according to the Swedish Police.
Torsten asked the Swedish Police Criminal Investigators: "Have the police seen that the words [in the written speech] identically correlate to underlined words from the Bible verses [beneath], so they are not invented words from me, but they are words that come directly from the Bible translations." The Swedish Police Criminal Investigators replied: "Right." Torsten repeated his inquiry to the Swedish Police Criminal Investigators: "Have you noted that connection?" The Swedish Police Criminal Investigators replied: "Yes. And you already have [made] that [point] while the police were in place [onsite at the plaza], so I know you talked about that there too, that these are words from the Bible, not my words and so on. But in regards to hate speech, it does not matter who has written the words, or who is the source of them, but it's about spreading them. And the spreading [of these words] is what you have stood for in this case, is the suspicion."

        On Monday Sept. 12, 2016, Sweden declared intent to pursue criminal investigation against Torsten for hate speech. Swedish Police interfered and prohibited Torsten from publicly reading verses from the Bible. The speech titled ‘The essential Biblical perspective on human homosexuality’ is entirely Bible based. The Swedish Police stopped Torsten’s modestly presented tone of Biblical speech. The police asserted that Sweden equates public readings from the Bible with public readings from Adolph Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’. To the Swedish Police (and possibly also to the Swedish prosecutors), the Judeo-Christian Bible, which is God’s Holy Word, is equally as hateful as the words of Adolph Hitler. In Sweden, God and Adolph Hitler are equally hateful. An audio recording of Torsten’s written speech and of the Swedish Police interference exists.

Speech written:

Speech recorded:

Swedish Police statements to Torsten on Sept. 12, 2016:

          ”Do you know who Hitler was? You know he has written a book; Mein Kampf. But if anyone would stand and read it, it doesn’t matter if it is in a book. It is still hate speech. It does not matter if it is in the Bible.

          "When you speak about homosexuality as something patronizing or wrong, then we have a problem."

          "You are suspected of crimes that you are required to not do."

          "I have seen that it is hate speech."

          "What is going to happen is that a police report will be prepared and you will be called for questioning."