A typically satanic British church ďHope ChurchĒ in Worcester, United Kingdom, explicitly banished and evicted an innocent Christian. The unwelcomed, banished and persecuted Christian person Torsten is absolutely innocent in relation to each banishment by all churches worldwide, and is absolutely innocent also to this particular satanic church in United Kingdom. This typically satanic British church indirectly acknowledged through their explicit ban and eviction that facts, evidence, truth, justice, love, biblical praxis and God are irrelevant. The satanic Hope Church falsely accused the absolutely innocent Christian person Torsten of being a danger, and Hope Church stated that their ban and eviction of Torsten was necessary for protection of the people. Satanís controlling church-leaders at Hope Church sympathise and collude with all other satanic churches that have banned/evicted innocent Torsten from their church buildings, and therefore Hope Church also banned/evicted Torsten and threatened to call the Police.





FOI application: http://www.kyrkor.be/Application_FOI_data-protection_West-Mercia-Police_UK_180220_redacted.pdf

UK Police response: http://www.kyrkor.be/Response_West-Mercia-Police_UK_180227.pdf








The typically satanic ďHope ChurchĒ in Worcester, United Kingdom, explicitly banished and evicted a Christian who is absolutely innocent in relation to this particular satanic church, and who is absolutely innocent in relation all the other thousands of satanic churches worldwide who also have excommunicated / banished / evicted / assaulted / slandered / lied / persecuted the same innocent Christian. Similar to other satanic pastors and devilish priests of churches globally who have refused to welcome the innocent Christian person Torsten, also this typically devilish church banished and evicted.


A concise history of the cause-and-effect sequence of events:

        Torsten is banished/evicted by a first church.

        Torsten inquires of a reason for the first churchís banishment/eviction.

        The first church refuses to provide a reason because there exists no justifiable reason Ė and the church refuses to repent.

        Torsten publicly exposes correctly on internet the committed evil of the unjustifiable banishment/eviction of the first church.

        Torsten visits second church.

        The second church has a relationship to the first banishing/evicting church, and the second church therefore prioritises its collegial/denominational relationship at the cost of truth, justice, love and God. Consequently, the second church also banishes/evicts Torsten Ė and refuses to repent.

        Torsten publicly exposes correctly on internet the committed evil of the unjustifiable banishment/eviction of the second church.

        Church number three uncritically/cowardly/satanically follows suit and also bans/evicts Torsten without a factual and justifiable reason Ė and refuses to repent.

        Torsten publicly exposes correctly on internet the satanic evil of the unjustifiable banishment/eviction of the third church.

        Church number ten thousand sympathises with, colludes and imitates all the previous 9999 churches which have persecuted innocent Torsten, by banishing/evicting innocent Torsten too.


When Torsten repeatedly inquired by email to ďHope ChurchĒ in 2013, what specific, reality-based and factual reason Biblically justify their covert banishment against Torsten, the typically satanic British church leaders of Hope Church absolutely refused to communicate further with innocent Torsten.


As typical leaders of churches, ďHope ChurchĒ in 2017 absolutely refused to provide any Biblically justifiable specific, factual, reality-based reason for their explicit banishment and eviction against innocent Torsten. As a typical church, Hope Church is an adversary to facts, evidence, truth, justice, love, biblical praxis and God. Satan governs the minds of all the church leaders of ďHope ChurchĒ in Worcester, UK.


Hope Church in Worcester, United Kingdom, inadvertently declared the following statements:

(1)      Popularity defines truth. The most popular opinion is truth.

(2)      Evidence is subjective. Undesirable evidence is unfair. Guilt is independent of regulation and evidence.

(3)      Emotion defines justice and morality. Justice is a feeling. If it feels right - it is right.

(4)      Rumours, gossip, slander and reputations are true if popular, or if proposed by someone hierarchically superior.

(5)      Evidential exposure of reality is unfair. Logical consistency of argument with biblical standard is unfair. Truth is unfair.

(6)      Because the vast majority of pastors of churches worldwide feel that they want/need to banish/evict/persecute Torsten, the churches have acted justly in banishing/evicting/persecuting Torsten.

(7)      Collegial loyalties, denominational loyalties, and church leadership loyalties have moral precedence to facts, evidence, truth, justice, love and God.


One of several distinctions of devilish pastors of churches is an obsession to persecute Godís people, and to never repent. Satan is incapable of repentance, and therefore, also the devilish pastors of churches are incapable to repent from their obsessive persecution against Godís people.


Of all societal institutions in nations of Western civilisation, churchianity is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. The typically inhumane, falsely accusing, lying and manipulative pastors of churches are epitomes of such churchianity hypocrisy. In practice, satan is their nature.


Nearly all pastors of all churches on earth where Torsten has visited or communicated have sought to hinder Christian friendships, hinder Christian relationships and especially prevent a Christian marriage. The vast majority of pastors of churches on earth have done the will of satan in this.


True worship is more than preacher monologues at Sunday masquerades. True spiritual worship aims at living a Jesus-conforming life which is holy and pleasing to God, and comprises all aspects of a personís life, all days of the week.


         ďOffer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God - this is your true and proper worship.Ē  (Romans 12:1)

         Supply the needs of the saints. Love in action.  (Romans 12:13)

         Be devoted to one another in love. Love must be sincere; without hypocrisy.  (Romans 12:9-10)

         Live in harmony with one another.  (Romans 12: 16)


One of the responsibilities of church is to serve one another. The duty to serve one another is limited by capability. The obligation to serve, however, is independent of willingness to serve. Serving one another in love is the moral duty of every disciple of Jesus Christ - limited by capacity but independent of will. Followers of Jesus Christ are to serve each other. God seeks servant leadership.


         Each Christian should serve his neighbour.  (Romans 15: 2)

         Serve one another in love. The entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ďYou shall love your neighbour as yourself.Ē  (Galatians 5:13, 14)

         If you have love for one another, then everyone will know that you are disciples of Jesus.  (John 13:35)

         ĒWhoever wants to become great among you must be your servantĒ  (Matthew 20:25-28)


The majority of professional pastors of churches, everywhere, are unwilling to help his neighbour. Instead, the majority of pastors of churches invent lies, falsely accuse, slander, defame, gossip and persecute the innocently evicted/excommunicated Christian person Torsten.


         Absence of human compassion (and satanic persecution) is not sanctioned by God.  (Luke 10: 25-37).

         ďDo not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.Ē  (Proverbs 3:27)

         ďDo not accuse anyone for no reason when they have done you no harm.Ē  (Proverbs 3:30)



Transcript of audio recording of eviction on Sunday, October 29, 2017:

Transcription of the audio recording of Hope Churchís disingenuous, heartless and evil church-leadership during the eviction of innocent Torsten. Upon innocent Torsten Nenzťnís visit on Sunday Oct.29, 2017, their anonymous leader quickly confronted innocent Torsten as Torsten entered the church premises, and evicted Torsten.

(MP3 Audio): http://www.kyrkor.be/Hope-Church-Worcester_ban_eviction_2017-10-29.mp3



JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Goodmorning Torsten.

TORSTEN:    You know my name.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I do because you gave me your card when you visited once before.

TORSTEN:    Remind me. Who are you?


TORSTEN:    John.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Iíve been [inaudible] to tell you that youíre not welcome to come. On the basis that you Ė I understand Ėas Iíve been told Ė basically been to lots of churches and been very critical. Yeah, youíve been to lots of churches I gather in Worcester and gather in London and other places where youíve been very critical and judgemental and about the churches and leaders of that church. So, basically, as a church, obviously love people to come, we love visitors to come, but weíre open on the premise that people want to come and God, or want to come and learn and grow in faith, not that they want to come with a negative, critical approach. And Iím sorry because Iím told that is the reputation you have.

TORSTEN:    Who told by the way? Whatís the source?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Pardon me.

TORSTEN:    You said youíve been told. By whom?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Iíve been told by the leadership here.

TORSTEN:    Ok, and what is your leadership source?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think probably cause theyíve seen what youíve been saying about other churches.

TORSTEN:    Am I guilty of something?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think that because of what you had done previously with other churches.

TORSTEN:    What have I done previously with other churches?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    My understanding is that youíve been very critical of them. In a way that is. You know, anyone tried to criticize, and you know, Iíd be the first to say that, and, you know, um, itís a nonsense to suggest that people have got to be, um, not have a critical view of things, but, having said that, um, thereís a difference between that, and being, ah, unjust, and unfair, and condemning. You know, so I would criticize a church that, um, didnít have a team eldership. Iíd say thatís wrong. Um. And also [inaudible] I might say is wrong. You know, a church that says it has a priest is not biblical. So there are all sorts of things that one can say, yeah, thatís not right, but, um, for someone whoís seem to be coming for the purpose of criticism, thatís a different story. And Iím sad to say, thatís how youíre seen.

TORSTEN:    When a church excommunicates an innocent person, is that a good thing or is it an evil thing?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    If a church is, ah, excommunicates somebody whoís innocent then obviously that is not a good thing.

TORSTEN:    So, are they acting on behalf of God when theyíre excommunicating an absolutely innocent person, or are they in fact acting on behalf of satan?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think anything that a church does, that is not done honestly and biblically, is wrong.

TORSTEN:    So, is it wrong to say that an excommunication that has no foundation whatsoever is satanic?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Say it again?

TORSTEN:    Is it correct to say that a pastor or a priest who banishes and evicts an innocent person acts upon acts according to satan?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think that is an extreme way of putting it.

TORSTEN:    Ok, let me take the other extreme: Are they acting on behalf of God?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    What Iím saying is if they are doing someth, anything dishonestly or without due consideration, is not honouring to God.

TORSTEN:    Now you take a stance: Youíre ordered by your leadership team to evict me. Is that correct?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Um. Basically.

TORSTEN:    Basically. And, so, you must have something substantial against me.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I personally do not, because, um, itís what Iíve been told. I believe what Iíve been told because of the, itís come from, but Ö

TORSTEN:    Where does it come from?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Well itís come to me the leadership Ö

TORSTEN:    What - who is the leader is this church?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    We have a team leadership in this church.

TORSTEN:    You have a team leadership. And are those the couples that are named on your website?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    They are named on the website yes.

TORSTEN:    So thatís your team leadership?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Thatís right.

TORSTEN:    Ok. And they have collectively said that Torsten Nenzen is not allowed to enter the premises. Is that correct?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Is not welcome in our church.

TORSTEN:    Not welcome. So they must have a substantial reason for that. Is that not correct? They must have substance.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    They must have substance. Absolutely.

TORSTEN:    Do I have a right to know what that substance is?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I told you what it is. Itís the fact that you, um, have been very critical of other churches that we are in fellowship with and other churches further a field.

TORSTEN:    Right. Those churches that have evicted me without any grounds. Your siding with the satanic Ö

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    You see people donít do that. You know. Um. If somebody comes to Hope Church and they want to be part of what weíre doing even on the one Sunday, weíd like them to come. Thatís not who we are. But, you unfortunately have earned yourself a reputation.

TORSTEN:    A reputation? Itís not about a reputation; if somebody has a reputation. What about substance? Reality? Evidence? Objectivity? Facts?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I do understand that Torsten, but, it doesnít [inaudible (alter)] the fact that there appears to be a lot Ö

TORSTEN:    Appears to be?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Well Iím saying appears to be because Iím, Iím not the person who is in communication with other people who have reported this. I have simply been told by the leadership here, but you arrive, and I need to tell you that we do not want you to come to the services.

TORSTEN:    So the question is: Ö

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Just move out.

TORSTEN:    Ö Do I not have a moral right to know what Iím accused of?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I told you. I told you what youíre accused of; that youíve been critical of lots of churches in an unfair way. Youíve been talking about Ö

TORSTEN:    Unfair way?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Youíve been talking about being unfair.

TORSTEN:    You say in an unfair way. So when churches evict and excommunicate an absolutely innocent person, and I criticize that as the pastors acting upon satan; now, is that not fair to say that? If theyíre not acting for God, theyíre acting for satan.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think youíre being extreme in the view that youíre taking.

TORSTEN:    You mean; I adhere to facts?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Yeah, but the fact is that, I can say that anything we say that is not honest and honourable is dishonouring God. But that is not the same Ö

TORSTEN:    Are you honouring God when youíre evicting somebody who is absolutely innocent? Thatís what youíre doing this morning.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Yes, but youíre claiming youíre innocent. But the wealth of evidence, that I understand is there,

TORSTEN:    Understand? Thatís wrong.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Iím not claiming first hand knowledge at all. Any first hand knowledge I can claim is that I had a conversation with you a previous time. You gave me your business card.

TORSTEN:    So I would like to have a look at that evidence. You talk about evidence. The body of evidence. Where is the body of evidence? I wanna see it.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I have no idea.

TORSTEN:    ok

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    On the internet I believe.

TORSTEN:    Ah. Ok. So

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    But Torsten, you know about this, because youíre talking to me about people, other people evicting you, youíre talking about excommunication. You know what the history is. I donít have to tell you.

TORSTEN:    I know. But youíre the one evicting. You should know! And you talk about a body of evidence. I would like to see the body of evidence.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    But you know.

TORSTEN:    Who is? Why donít you bring your source, your source or your leadership team? Why donít you bring one of your leadership team and I can ask your source directly Ė what body of evidence?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Iím not gonna go any further into this. Iíve been instructed that if you come to our church to tell you that, unfortunately, cause I donít like doing it, the church doesnít like doing it, but we are doing it for the protection of the people.

TORSTEN:    Protection from what? From me?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Protection from Ö Yeah!

TORSTEN:    Am I a danger to your Ö

[John Anonymous stretched out his arm against Torsten.]

TORSTEN:    Am I a danger to your so-called church?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think you are a danger of being unjustly critical.

TORSTEN:    Really? Ok, so in other words, excommunicated somebody whoís absolutely innocent, and somebody stating Ė waving the red flag Ė and saying ďThis is evidence!Ē These pastors, these priests, have no substance, and yet they persecute innocent Christians. And you say thatís unjust to expose the satanic behaviour of those.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    But youíve been doing this across the board to lots of churches.

TORSTEN:    Does that make me guilty? The fact that many churches, exactly like you, excommunicate an absolutely innocent person.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Iím not excommunicating you.

TORSTEN:    Well, banned. You just banned me.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Youíre not communicated in the first place.

TORSTEN:    But you have banned me.


TORSTEN:    You have banned me?

TORSTEN:    I am banned from the premises. Thatís correct? 


TORSTEN:    Yup.

TORSTEN:    So, thereís a banishment/an excommunication.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Thereís not excommunication. There is not communication in the first place.

TORSTEN:    Did I not visit this church once or twice before?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    To my knowledge once. And, a few years ago? Is that right?

TORSTEN:    Right, so then it is an ex-communication.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    No no. Itís not excommunication. What weíre saying is at that point we didnít realize, um, we didnít realize you had been offending other churches. But you have now.

TORSTEN:    Really?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Now what I would advise is to find a church where you want to settle and talk to the leadership there, and explain to them

TORSTEN:    I would like to talk to the leadership here, and hear what the body of evidence is. Ask what specifically that youíre charging Ö

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I donít think theyíre going to tell you anything different than what Iíve told you.

TORSTEN:    Ah, so there is no substance? Is that what youíre saying?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Iím not saying thereís no substance. Iím saying there is substance. But youíre admitted in what youíre saying that you know what that substance is.

TORSTEN:    What is that substance that youíre accusing me of?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Posting things on the internet which are, um, condemning Ö

TORSTEN:    Ö of those who excommunicate innocent Christians.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    If thatís the way you want to put it.

TORSTEN:    So youíre supporting collegially those churches that do satanic conduct against innocent Christians?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think I can say that we are supporting collegially fellow churches that we stand with that have felt the need to say that youíre not welcome.

TORSTEN:    Right. So truth, and facts and evidence Ö


TORSTEN:    Ö truth, facts and evidence is irrelevant for your church?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    The body of evidence is relevant. And the body of evidence is that a lot of other churches have felt that they had reason not to welcome.

TORSTEN:    And what was their reason?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I have no idea.


JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Your, your Ö But Torsten, you know that, you know what youíve been doing. You know what churches youíve visited. You know what the history is. I am sure you know why youíve not been welcome.

TORSTEN:    And you donít know why youíre banning me.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I know why Iím banning you because Iíve been told to, and because of what youíve done to other churches.

TORSTEN:    What have I done to other churches?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Torsten, weíre going around in circles.

TORSTEN:    Youíre dodging the question. You havenít answered: What specifically have I done?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    You have published unfair critical comments.

TORSTEN:    I have published evidence. I have published evidence, and your church, your church leaders, are in collusion with satan, who persecutes an innocent Christian.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I hear what youíre saying, and what Iím saying to you, because I donít want you to be out in the cold, is to find a church that you are willing to submit to, the leaders of, talk to them what weíve been talking about, explain to them that you want to be part of the church, and that you would like to work with them to be part of their church. Thatís what I think you need to do, rather than flip about from church to church and then being very critical of their church.

TORSTEN:    So, in every church in United Kingdom where I knock on the door, I am evicted. Thatís the nature of satan. And you are part of that. You have no substance, you have no evidence, and you despise truth. What you love is collusion with satan.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    What youíve done is youíve just, what youíve said to me, every church. Because you have a reputation.

TORSTEN:    A reputation? What about facts and evidence and truth?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Facts and evidence and truth are that a whole body of people are felt right to eject you. And thatís what I want to do now. Because Iím not going around in circles anymore Torsten. I would like to be able to help you

TORSTEN:    They felt they have a right? What about facts? What about evidence? What about truth?

TORSTEN:    They felt?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Torsten, the evidence is that a whole body of churches have said that youíre not welcome. And we are standing with them, saying youíre not welcome. So I ask you now to leave please.

TORSTEN:    But on what basis?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    On the basis that Iím asking you to leave.

TORSTEN:    Yeah, but what factual basis do you have against me?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Weíve been through this and Iíve explained

TORSTEN:    No, youíve dodged the question. You havenít answered it.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I have answered.

TORSTEN:    What you said is that other churches have done, so you will do also, because they are Ö

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Ö because we trust those churches.

TORSTEN:    You trust them blindly.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    No we trust them because they are many of them. We are in fellowship with them.

TORSTEN:    Youíre in fellowship with the satanic behaviour of those churches.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Well, I think itís that sort of criticism, of saying that churches are satanic, that weíre saying we donít want you to be part of us. We donít want you saying that about us.

TORSTEN:    So when I expose evidence, you hate the evidence so much because I expose the satanic behaviour their church, and now too I will expose the satanic behaviour of Hope Church in Worcester.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Torsten, you have to realise that there comes a point where there is a body of evidence. Now if youíd been rejected by one church, we would talk to you. We would welcome you. We would try and help you and help you to understand what has happened. So why is it that all these churches have rejected you?

TORSTEN:    For the same reason as why your Hope Church has rejected me, because you hate facts, you hate evidence, you hate truth. What you love is collusion with satan.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    What youíve just said Ö

TORSTEN:    You hate truth. You hate facts. You hate evidence.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    What youíve just said simply highlights why you are not welcome to our church.

TORSTEN:    So when I keep asking you: What is the evidence? What is a fact? You donít know! You say I must know. No. You must know!

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Youíve told me yourself.

TORSTEN:    Before you evict somebody, you must have evidence. And you donít. You donít have the truth. You donít have the facts. In fact, to you, facts are irrelevant. Objectivity is irrelevant. What matters to you is collusion with the satanic pastors and priests.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Thatís what youíre saying.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    So Iím gonna ask you to leave please.

TORSTEN:    And if I donít, what are you gonna do?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Um. That is up to you. You will find out if you donít.

TORSTEN:    Oh. Secret plan? Secret plan B? Whatís your secret plan?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Well, I suppose that my secret plan is that there is a police case from previous occurrences where youíre forced to leave. So, push comes to shove I would contact the police.

TORSTEN:    Ok, would you like to do so.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    No. I donít want to do so.

TORSTEN:    Why not? By the way, whatís the current police case?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Again, I have no idea but I have their reference.

TORSTEN:    Their reference? Well, would you like to tell me the reference? You have their reference.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Itís a number.

TORSTEN:    Itís a number. Hm. Ok. Is it a case reference?


TORSTEN:    Ok. Can I have it?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I imagine you know about it already? For having been in trouble with the police before.

TORSTEN:    No actually I donít. I donít know the case number.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Is it going to help you to know it?

TORSTEN:    I want to investigate it. I want to find out what lies you have invented in that report.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Well I havenít invented any lies. This is a police case presumably in Worcester from other churches.


JOHN ANONYMOUS:    So Torsten, Iím asking you to leave. Um, thatís it, Iím not gonna talk to you any more. And if you donít leave, then that is what will have to happen.

TORSTEN:    Whatís your last name by the way?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    You donít need to know that. Cause I donít particularly like my name on the internet being slandered either.

TORSTEN:    Well, there are intelligent people that are not part of churches, and they will see more clearly the diabolical nature, and your hatred of fact, your hatred of truth, your hatred of evidence, and your collusion with satan. And, intelligent people see that. Iím sorry you donít see it because youíre blinded by satan. And your hatred of truth, and your cowardice to stand for truth.

TORSTEN:    Do you think youíre honouring God today?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I think Iím obeying God.

TORSTEN:    Youíre obeying God??

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    But I guess so. There is nothing else to be said. Weíve had a very long conversation. If you really want to be accepted and part of a church then you need to do what I said, and you need to find a church that you feel could be home, be your home, and talk to the leaders, and Ö

TORSTEN:    Why donít you let me talk to your leaders?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    If you wanted to, Iím sure our contact details are on our website.

TORSTEN:    Mhm. I sent an email last night. Did you receive it?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Not personally no. No I was unaware of it. What did it say?

TORSTEN:    Oh. Iím asking what youíre gonna do when I visit today. So is someone of your leadership going to respond to those questions?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I have no idea.

TORSTEN:    Oh you donít know, right.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I havenít seen the email. Iím not aware of the email. I donít know who you sent it to.

TORSTEN:    Right. Wasnít it 2013 that your church said that your church is going to refuse communication?

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    I donít know.

TORSTEN:    Well, I do know that that is what your church said.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    So that is not new, and you knew when you came you wouldnít be welcome.

TORSTEN:    Yeah. So my question was: Have you repented? And clearly you have not. Youíre still serving satan.

JOHN ANONYMOUS:    Thatís clearly how you want to see it. But you would be not surprised at all thatís not how we see it. Come on Torsten. Itís time to go. The service is gonna start shortly.

TORSTEN:    I have enough evidence.










The email monologue with satanic Hope Church in Worcester, United Kingdom, is read chronologically beneath in ascending order, with the most recent email at the top:









Sun, 29 Oct 2017 01:01:52 +0000


torsten@nenzen.net <torsten@nenzen.org>


info@hope-church.org.uk, Encounter@hope-church.org.uk


Have your church leaders repented yet?


Hope Church Worcester.


Hello Churchianity Pastors,


Your church leaders have previously issued a disguised ban against me, because your church leaders collude with the satanic pastors of other churches who have banned me.



As is typical of satanís servants, also your churchianity pastors absolutely refused to answer any questions in relation to your disguised ban.


Have your satanic churchianity leaders of Hope Church repented yet from your sin against God through your disguised banishment against the innocent Christian person Torsten?


If I visit your churchianity building this Sunday, will your pastors in person physically evict me from your so-called church? Or, will you simply call the police to escort me from your church premises? Or, have you repented?




Torsten Nenzťn













Mon, 28 Jan 2013 12:26:13 +0000


torsten@nenzen.net <nenzen@nenzen.org>


info@hope-church.org.uk, admin@hope-church.org.uk


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Hello anonymous Newfrontiers leaders of Hope Church in Worcester,


You lie when you accuse that I would have requested of anyone to find a wife. I have never in my life requested of anyone to find a wife for me.


You say "It is extremely unlikely that our church can serve you in any way." which is clearly an attitude from satan. This your attitude has no correspondence to Jesus Christ.


Is your statement of refusal "to serve" a way of cowardly expressing that you are excommunicating me? I know that you are a partner with the devilish Christ Church in London through Newfrontiers (http://www.kyrkor.be/Christ-Church-London.htm) which excommunicated me. Perhaps you partner also with the devilish All Saints Church in Worcester (http://www.kyrkor.be/All-Saints-Church-Worcester.htm) which also excommunicated me.


What is your Biblical reason to excommunicate me and to refuse communication?




Torsten Nenzen









Thu, 17 Jan 2013 16:58:13 -0000


Hope Church <info@hope-church.org.uk>




RE: Evil Swedish pastors.


Dear Torsten,


We are unable to help you with your request in finding a wife.


Since some of those you list as ďdevelishĒ are very good friends, and partners in ministry with us Ė both in Worcester and elsewhere - it is extremely unlikely that our church family can serve you in any way, as we are in unity with them.


We are currently unable to sustain a correspondence with you on the matters you raise.



Hope Church Leaders