A typically satanic Australian pastor (Justin Moffatt) of a typical church in Australia, Church Hill Anglican Church in Sydney, demonstrates a characteristic attribute of satan in the absolute refusal to repent from sins against Torsten. It is a sin to lie, it is a sin to falsely accuse innocent persons, and it is a sin to excommunicate/evict Christians who are absolutely innocent in relation to eviction/excommunication. Neither satan nor satanís Australian pastors/priests of churches will ever repent from their sins against Torsten. Truthfully revealing with facts and evidence the pastoral lies and unrepentant evils of pastors, is according to Justin Moffatt a sin.











One of several distinctions of satanic pastors of churches is an obsession to persecute Godís people, and to never repent. Satan is incapable of repentance, and so also are satanís pastors of churches incapable to repent from their obsessive persecution against Godís people.


The satanic Anglican Rector Senior Minister Justin Moffatt of Church Hill Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia, excommunicated an innocent Christian from their church, called police and evicted the innocent Christian from the church premises.


More than two year after this typical church pastorís demonic conduct against innocent Torsten including a partial excommunication, Justin Moffatt has yet not repented from his sinful partial excommunication, false accusations and evil acts against Torsten, but Justin Moffatt has instead more than two years later, declared that he does not need to repent because he claims that his partial excommunication against Torsten, his false accusations against Torsten, and his evil acts against Torsten are not sin. And when Torsten recently asked the church pastor Justin Moffatt to specify what sin or misconduct Torsten would be guilty of, Justin Moffatt claimed that truthful revelation with facts and evidence about the pastoral lies and unrepentant evils of pastors, is a sin. Excommunication is never a private matter. Excommunication and eviction by any church is the most public means of judgment by a church against a person. According to Anglican Rector Senior Minister Justin Moffatt, it is a sin to publicly defend oneself against baseless, slanderous and false accusations contrived by pastors of churches, and according to Justin Moffatt it is a sin to provide public evidence that all excommunications/evictions against an innocent person are unrighteous, unjustifiable and sinful.


Of all societal institutions in nations of Western civilisation, churchianity is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. The Anglican Rector Senior Minister Justin Moffatt is a typical epitomy of this churchianity hypocrisy. While the senior minister is initiating a consecutive five-week preaching on the topic of repentance from sin, the senior minister has after more than two years of unrepentant sins against Torsten still not repented from those sins. Satan never repents from sin, and neither does satanís pastors of churches. At best, they only preach about it.


The A5 12-page church bulletin for the 10:15am Sunday service showed that the Anglican Rector Senior Minister Justin Moffatt commenced a five-week preaching series on the Biblical theme about Repentance:





Torsten filled out a Connect Card form and handed it to a volunteer (Shirley Smith) when the volunteer approached Torsten:




Senior Associate Minister Ray Smith confronted Torsten immediately following the so-called Sunday service with an unfriendly tone of voice (resembling militant voice). These words were exchanged (to my best memory):

Ray Smith:   ďAre you visiting?Ē

Torsten:   ďyesĒ

Ray Smith:   ďWhich country are you visiting from?Ē

Torsten:   ďI donít want to answer that question.Ē

Ray Smith:   ďDid you go forward for the communion?Ē

Torsten:   ďThat is not of your concern.Ē

Senior Associate Minister Ray Smith then began to slowly walk past and away from Torsten with a fixed suspicious gaze at Torsten.


Audio recording of the satanic Anglican Senior Minister Rector, Justin Moffatt, of Church Hill Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia, as he approached Torsten standing peacefully alone next to an empty pew near the exit of the church building, with Anglican intent to evict from the church premises and to excommunicate the innocent Christian person Torsten, on Sunday 2016-02-14:


(MP3):  http://www.kyrkor.be/Justin_Moffatt_Sydney_160214.mp3

(AMR):  http://www.kyrkor.be/Justin_Moffatt_Sydney_160214.amr



Transcript of audio recording:


[Torsten stood by himself in front of the last pew near the side/back entrance of the church during the entire so-called Ďserviceí. At the end of the Ďserviceí, Justin Moffatt spoke to a couple of persons on his way down the centre isle of the church towards the back where Torsten remained. Eventually Justin Moffat approached Torsten. Torsten initiated an audio recording on his mobile phone, and outstretched his phone halfway between Torsten and Justin Moffatt, at chest height.]


Justin Moffatt:   Torsten.

Torsten:   Iím recording now.

Torsten:   Have you repented from your excommunication yet?

Justin Moffatt:   Want to step? Come. Sorry Torsten.

Torsten:   Have you repented?

Justin Moffatt:   Every day I repent, because as Martin Luther says, all of life derives from repentance comes from a holy and good god and repentance of our sins. And, Iím sorry Torsten thatís all Iím gonna say. And thatís it. So. Because my life is a life before God, not before you. And not for the way you judge people. Online. And I donít mind that being said by the way. You can pop that online. No problem at all. And in fact everyone who listens to this will know by actually just looking at it that you remain in judgement over church leaders in so many places and I just donít want you to do that.

Justin Moffatt:   Have you repented? Have you repented? Of what I asked you to repent of?

Justin Moffatt:   Have you repented of the sin which I asked you to repent of?

Torsten:   Oh Ė What sin is that?

Justin Moffatt:   You know what Torsten Ö

Torsten:   Are you saying Iím welcome now?

Torsten:   Are you saying Iím welcome?


[Justin Moffatt seemingly disoriented walked away a few steps back and forth, and then decided to walk towards the exit. Torsten began to follow behind Justin Moffatt towards the exit too.]


Torsten:   Have you repented? Am I welcome?


[Justin Moffatt continued to walk out from the church building and onto the outside courtyard of the church. Justin Moffat halted on the outside courtyard.]


Torsten:   Weíre outside. You and I, and the audience.

Justin Moffatt:   The answer is: Iíve repented of sins. Every day I do. I have not repented of the one you claimed for me. Actually, Iíve not repented because I do not believe Iíve done it. And I wanna ask, have you repented of your sin? Because the reason why you couldnít come here, Torsten, is because I actually said that you had a sin that you were not willing to repent of. Which a blasting up on the internet the sins of other people that youíre the judge.

Torsten:   Revealing the truth? Revealing the evidence against other churchesí lies?

Justin Moffatt:   Ok. I tell you what Torsten, I canít walk away from here.

Torsten:   Am I welcome?

Justin Moffatt:   No you are not welcome.

Torsten:   Then you have not repented.

Torsten:   You have not repented sir.

Justin Moffatt:   I have repented of sins Ö

Torsten:   Just like satan, you have not repented sir.

Torsten:   You have not repented. You lied to me.

Justin Moffatt:   Actually Iím going to ask you to leave the property now.

Torsten:   yup

Justin Moffatt:   Iím going to ask you to leave the property now.

Torsten:   yup

Justin Moffatt:   Are you gonna do that?

Torsten:   yeah

Justin Moffatt:   Cause I canít, I canít take that device from you. I wouldnít want to take that off you.

Torsten:   No you shouldnít.

Justin Moffatt:   Of course not.

Justin Moffatt:   And you keep it up in my face and I donít know quite what to do with it.

Torsten:   No, itís in level with your chest. Donít lie to the recording.

Justin Moffatt:   So off the property now or, we just call the police.

Torsten:   Yeah, go ahead, call the police sir.


[Justin Moffatt immediately walked away from Torsten towards his wife, and appeared to give instruction to call the police.]


Torsten:   You preach about repentance and refuse to repent, after two years.


[Although I did not audibly hear any of the words spoken between Justin Moffatt and his wife, I spiritually perceived that she was questioning (maybe only in her heart) if Torsten had actually done anything wrong. I also spiritually perceived instantly that a slanderous warning about Torsten was going to be sent out to the churches.]


Torsten spoke to the recoding device only, as he walked off the church property:   Ok. Heís walking in, and Iím walking off the property. That was Justin Moffatt. Two years of unrepentance Ė preaching on repentance.








A slanderous communiquť en masse by Justin Moffatt to other churches was confirmed only a few hours after the church eviction by Justin Moffatt: http://www.kyrkor.be/St-Barnabas-Anglican-Church-Sydney-Australia-160214.htm